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photo credit: Myriam Leymarie


EAR have originally started as a Lo-Fi studio project with Trip-Hop influences, and now they describe their music as Indie Pop. Since they started EAR have released 8 albums. They are playing live shows exclusively with acoustic guitar and piano and present stripped down but highly energetic versions of their songs.



7hours is a duo with an ocean in between. They write songs together but one them is located in Austin, Texas and the other one is 7 hours ahead located in Berlin, Germany. They blend indie pop , electronic and singer songwriter and they are currently working on their debut album.

photo credit: Myriam Leymarie

photo credit: Florian Kriegner


Raphael Tschernuth is a composer and music producer for film, TV, bands and theater. He originally studied acting at drama school but focused on music afterwards and works from his studio in Berlin. He has written the score for numerous film, tv and theater productions.



ROLLOVER is a charming americana bastard blending blues, soul, folk, country and rock. The bands songs were mostly created during wild jam sessions which the five musicians are holding in Austria every year. This is all about one thing: the pure joy of playing music.

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photo credits: Stefan Barth

photo credit: Myriam Leymarie


The Tesla Valley Farmers is a swing/novelty/country act from Berlin. Mixing classic song from Hank Williams to Townes Van Zandt from Tampa Red to Sammy Davis Junior. Also, you might find some psychedelic instrumentals on their debut album “Cucumber Blues”.

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